Program Surviving Borneo oleh Henry Golding

Malaysian TV host, influencer and model, Henry Golding, is on a personal mission to discover his tribal roots. A descendant of the once feared Iban tribe of Sarawak, Borneo, Henry wants to attain his ‘bejalai’, an Iban rites of passage, before he marries. In accordance with the ancient ‘bejalai’, Henry must journey to unfamiliar lands in a bid to challenge himself to acquire new knowledge and skills.

A journey which takes him from his own Iban homeland in Betong to the mountainous region of Bario home to the Kelabit Tribe, and finally into the deepest interiors of Sarawak to seek out the mysterious Penans, Borneo’s last remaining nomadic tribe. Join Henry in this 6-part television series as he learns valuable life lessons from the tribes of Borneo, on what it takes to protect, to provide and to survive in the 21st century. Lessons that ultimately prove Henry is capable of Surviving Borneo.

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Episod 6
Sejak 2009 - Kepala Bergetar